Intelligent Profit Maximization for the Amazon Marketplace

The ChannelAgility platform delivers an advanced prediction and price optimization service to improve channel performance for manufacturer and retailer partners.

Our solution is able to perform well against Amazon Retail’s internal solution using intelligent real-time price optimization to maximize both Buy Box percentage and Gross Margin in highly competitive situations.

The Amazon Marketplace is a highly dynamic environment which demands that retailers maintain real-time systems in order to stay competitive. Our solutions include:

  • A customized consulting program based on our extensive experience and proprietary insights to help increase the profitability of your Amazon business
  • Real-time price management based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account competitor pricing and inventory attributes
  • Demand forecasting based on multiple data points and a predictive algorithm for forecasted sell-through
  • Over a decade of experience partnering with high-volume e-commerce retailers

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